Quality, Value & Partnerships

Building Quality
We pride our reputation on the quality of our custom homes and renovations. Clients can always expect the highest caliber work from our company. That’s why every subcontractor and vendor we use is held to our highest standards. We work closely with these parties to ensure that the best methods and highest-quality materials are used in every product.

Building Value
It takes a lot to build or renovate a home, both financially and emotionally. We help put customers at ease with the decision by simplifying the process as much as possible. Using innovative methods allows us to gain value in the building process without sacrificing quality. The personal relationships we form allow us to gain the trust of our clients.

Going “green” is one way consumers can save money. By utilizing high-efficiency insulation, geothermal cooling systems, reclaimed materials and other methods in your home, we can help you achieve an environmental and financial balance.

The amount of financial investment required depends on your personal preferences. Since personal taste is an important factor in the price of a home, “standard square-foot pricing” is often very misleading. Instead, we feel it’s best to evaluate prices based on your needs. We will consult with you throughout the building process to ensure the timely and cost-effective completion of your home.

Building Partnerships
Exceptional personal attention is the foundation of every partnership built at J. Thomas Builders. We call it a “personal partnership” because we’re not just in the business of building homes or buildings. We build relationships as well.

Depending on the factors, a project’s timeline can often vary. That’s why it’s essential to establish good communication from the start, to make sure all expectations are met.

We strive to be more than just “your builder.” We’re proud of our excellent track record of customer satisfaction and the lasting relationships that we have developed.